maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2008

Back in Turku


We're back in Turku after two shows this weekend. Friday was great and Saturday even better. We had a blast with the boys from the Bullets and there are already plans for more dates together. It's always fun to be out on the road with the boys although the drive back to Turku took approximately 6 hours (!) due to a ridiculous amount of coffee breaks.

If you're living in around Jakobstad you can watch my appearance on "Gäst i Röda Soffan" (A local talk show) this Tuesday at 20:15 on Jakobstads NärTv. They will show some live videos of The Bad Habit and I will be talking about music and what being in a band is all about.

Also, if you are interested, check out this months issue of Soundi Magazine for a review of In Your Face.

Hope to see all of you again soon. Thanks to the Bullets for good company and great music this weekend.

Se on moro,


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