tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2009

New name and review

Hey everyone.

As you might have noticed the band you once knew as The Bad Habit is no longer. This is due to legal reasons beyond our control and not a choice of our own. After almost ten years with a band name it's not easy to make changes but we hope that both we, our selves, and you will adapt to the new name.

The good part is that we came up with an even better name - The Cajunga! The new name will carry on the spirit and good music of the old one and no personal changes have been made in the orchestra.

So, the band is still intact and recordings for the debut will continue next weekend with the recording of 6 more basic tracks.

For all of you living in Turku, we'll play at Kåren on the 30'th of April (Kårens Wappmiddag). Hope to see you all there.


Found a review of In Your Face on Noise.fi. Enjoy. D.S