torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2009


Here's a video diary from the studio you've probably seen elsewhere before but I'll post it here anyway.

This week me and Joel are working out and fine-tuning the guitar and vocal parts for the upcoming studio sessions. We are working on the seven tracks still not recorded and with the five recorded prior to that we'll end up with 12 tracks for the album. Here's some of the working titles:

Dying To Tell You This
The City is Sleeping
Joe Hill
Only You
The Others
Tomorrow Is Gone

Let's hope we get it all done, shall we. :)

Peace & Love


maanantai 4. toukokuuta 2009

An great album is taking shape

Hey all of you,

Finally summer's coming and the creativity is flowing. 

Two more days in the studio are over and all drum and bass tracks are now recorded. We'll continue with the remaining guitars and vocals later this spring. The album is scheduled to be released in autumn 2009.

Here's some pics from the latest studio session... enjoy!

So long,

tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2009

New name and review

Hey everyone.

As you might have noticed the band you once knew as The Bad Habit is no longer. This is due to legal reasons beyond our control and not a choice of our own. After almost ten years with a band name it's not easy to make changes but we hope that both we, our selves, and you will adapt to the new name.

The good part is that we came up with an even better name - The Cajunga! The new name will carry on the spirit and good music of the old one and no personal changes have been made in the orchestra.

So, the band is still intact and recordings for the debut will continue next weekend with the recording of 6 more basic tracks.

For all of you living in Turku, we'll play at Kåren on the 30'th of April (Kårens Wappmiddag). Hope to see you all there.


Found a review of In Your Face on Enjoy. D.S

perjantai 13. helmikuuta 2009

More studio work done

Hey friends and fans!

We've just finished three more days in the studio, cutting vocals and some guitars. Oskar sure did a great job screaming into the microphone. Enjoy some pics from the session!

New songs come into life every day, and soon we'll record the remaining songs in order to complete the album. It'll be a great one!



maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2009


Greetings everyone.

Found two new reviews of our old records. One is really good, which is great! :P

Chech them out!

In Your Face at Vertigo (in Finnish) here.

Your Favourite Habit at (in Swedish) here.

Still working on the new album. We've got four more songs rehearsed and are trying to find 2-3 more to go with them. More on that matter asap.

Take care!


Listen to Joels and my side project - THE OH LA LAs